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TV Antenna

Follow the below instructions to decide the best course of action:

1. Have you got the antenna facing the TV Transmission tower closest to you?

2. Verify that all connections have been made and your antenna is plugged into a digital TV. www.myswitch.digitalready.gov.au. If you live more than 30km from the tower and there are hills in the way, you may need to change the indoor antenna for an outdoor antenna system.

3. If you live less than 30km from the TV transmission tower please face the front of the antenna towards the TV transmission tower based on the direction information from the myswitch website. Go to step 4 once completed.

4. Retune or autotune your digital TV after redirecting the antenna. Each time you change the direction of the antenna, run autotune again.

5. If you are still have trouble getting a signal and they are within 10ms of the TV transmission tower you may be suffering from signal overload. If this occurs please switch off the power to the signal booster and run autotune again. If this fails to obtain channels, see response 6.

6. You may wish to exchange the antenna at the retailer where you purchased the device for a larger model such as the CIDA12 or an outdoor antenna solution.

Search the www.myswitch.digitalready.gov.au website with your home address to determine the nearest tower. If you live more than 30km from the tower and there are hills in the way, you may need one of Crest's larger indoor TV antenna or an outdoor antenna system.