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Try using the different nylon or plastic spacers supplied in the kit. Unfortunately there are 100's of different models of TV's available in the market and we only cover the most popular models. If this does not help, ask your local hardware or nut and bolt shop to assist with the right screws. All Australian TV's should be using metric threads. However, some models come to Australia with imperial or American fine threads.

Unfortunately there are some TV's like this and they are mostly Sony, if you have this type of TV then you will need to first buy a Sony Mounting Adaptor plate.

No, you will need to go to your local hardware and purchase metal screws or use another bolting solution that the hardware might suggest.

Yes, all the wall mount manuals can be found on the associated product pages below.

The details regarding weight, extension type and distance from the wall are listed on the back of the packaging or the instructions, please refer to the packaging of the product manuals for this information.

Generally the bracket is tightened during Crest's manufacturing process. The brackets that have been tighten can usually also be loosened, it is better for the bracket to be a little tighter then looser but you are able to get the type of movement you want by adjusting the tightness.

Yes, because of the curve extra spacers and longer bolts will be required to lift the TV further out from the bracket and allow the curve section to fit but the brackets can be made to fit and will still support TVs.

This is rare but can happen with some Full Motion brackets, to correct this please adjust the 4 bolts located behind the TV mount section with the T Shaped Socket Wrench supplied to you in the box.

The most important factor is the weight load and mounting pattern of the TV. If your TV is equal to or under the weight recommendation of the bracket and it fits the hole pattern on the back of your TV, then you can use the larger size TV without a problem.